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The Spring Palette Show at Castle Gallery Fine Art is the 27th annual celebration of flowers blooming once again. Visitors to the gallery will be amazed at the variety and vitality of the colors and compositions available for sale.

Castle Gallery owner, Jody Hemphill Smith, will present more than twenty nationally acclaimed artists from the heartland of America. Spring scenes and colors will captivate imaginations and enlighten the hearts and spaces of collectors. The artists are often plein air painters, meaning Spring is the perfect time for them to work outdoors on location.

Among the featured artists are C.W. Mundy and his striking landscapes and maritime scenes; Joseph Orr, founder of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society; Jerry Smith, whose scenes of rural life capture the best of nature; Robin Cheers' bustling cafes and sunny beaches; Patricia Rhoden Bartel's vibrant florals; Randall Scott Harden, who's known to take Impressionism one step further into Expressionism; the colorful abstract work of Michael Poorman and Chas Davis; Doreen St. John, Jill Stefani Wagner, Pam Newell, Mary Ann Davis, Donna Shortt, Diane Lyon, Terry Armstrong, Fred Doloresco, Rick Wilson, Penny French Deal, Bill Inman, Chris Newlund, Beverly Bruntz, Chuck Marshall, Jody Hemphill Smith; and the jewelry of Paula Neale Rice.





























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"Valentine's Invitational"

February 13th through February 26th

"Winter Solstice"

January 4th through February 6th

image: Carol Strock Wasson



Artist Reception: Saturday, Dec. 5th, 6-10p.m.



Special Event:

Mark Paul Smith Book Signing

Friday, November 20th, 5-9 PM

During the evening's book signing,

Indiana artist Donna Shortt will be giving an on-site painting demonstration as part of the celebration!



Gallery Show through November 29th

Featured Artists

Terry Armstrong                  Forrest Formsma               Katy McMurray            Paula Neale Rice

Karen Bixler                        Joey Frisillo                      CW Mundy                 Thom Robinson

Andrea Bojrab                     Neil Gloudemans               Pamela Newell            Douglas Runyan

Terri Buchholz                     Rick Hunter                       Joseph Orr                Donna Shortt

John Michael Carter             Bill Inman                        Maureen Pesta           Carol Strock Wasson

Robin Cheers                      Shelby Keefe                    Jerry Pointsl               Susan Suraci            

Mark Daly                           Mike Kelly                        Michael Poorman        Gillian Tyler                

Mary Ann Davis                   Dale Landrum                   Lori Putnam               Jon Uban

Fred Doloresco                    Tuck Langland                  Susie Rachles             Rick Wilson

Robert Eberle                      Wyatt Legrand                  John Reynolds            Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Carolyn Fehsenfeld              Diane Lyon                       Eric Rhoads       











Special events throughout the summer to celebrate our

local & nationally acclaimed Artists. 


Featuring Doug Runyan "Cool Morning" & Michael Poorman "City Scape"



Left - "With the Wyndhams", Robin Cheers, Right - "All in a Days Work", Diane Lyon


Summer Show II featured artists Diane Lyon & Robin Cheers

During the artist reception July 31st, attendees were able to interact and

watch as these two amazing artists created a painting of our own, Brooke Hills.



Left - "Sidewalk Chalk", Robin Cheers, Right - "Up With the Sun", Robin Cheers


Left - "Apples", Diane Lyon, Right - "Trio at Honfleur", Diane Lyon






"Jakes Place", Mike Kelly


 "Blue Sailboat at Dusk", Carolyn Fehsenfeld



         Left - "Bouquet in a Blue Glass Vase", Carolyn Fehsenfeld

Center - "Chicago in Early Morning", Carolyn Fehsenfeld

Right - "Indian Yellow Pansy", Carolyn Fehsenfeld       





         Left - "Random Birch Trees", Mike Kelly

Center - "Rainy Day", Mike Kelly

        Right - "Early Spring", Mike Kelly          





The Fresh Air Show show cases new work by several artists.

Artist Reception, Friday, May 9th, 5-10 p.m.

Music by Mark Meussling - Cash Bar by Wine Time

National Award-Winning artist, Alan Larkin, will present his

technique of pastel drawing during the artist reception on the 3rd floor.



Left - Bill Inman, Daffodil Dreaming, 9"x12"

Center - Alan Larkin, Millennium Angel, 30"x40"

Right - C W Mundy, Pond Yacht with Children, 20" x 16"                     



Left -"Fishing Boats" by John Michael Carter, 16" x 12"

Center - "The Red Airplane" by C W Mundy, 20" x 16" SOLD 

Right - "Tuscan Vineyard" by Forrest Formsma, 36" x 24"               



Left - "Take Five" by Forrest Formsma, 36" x 24"

Center - "Cherokee Park" by John Michael Carter, 16" x 12"

Right - "Red Tug Repairs" by Doug Runyan, 12" x 9"                 






Bill Inman, "Magnolias" and Doug Runyan "Sidewalk Garden"

Show continued through April 2014






Friday, April 11 from 5 - 9 pm.

Stroll on over during our Downtown Gallery Hop! 

Castle Gallery Fine Art will feature an artist demo

by Forrest Formsma.  Cash Bar by Wine Time. 

Piano by Dr. Dwane Bruick & Mark Meussling.

Maps will be available at each gallery.



Above: "Waters Edge" - Susie Suraci, "Alert in the Meadow" - John Reynolds



Above:  "The Red Turban" – Terri Buchholz, "2nd Exit After France" - Tim Johnson



"Amour de l’ Art":

Our “love of art” show continued through March 1st, 2014

Artist Reception Friday, February 7th 6-10 p.m

Above: "Amour de l' Art" – Jody Hemphill Smith


First Blooms of Spring – Diane Lyon    Iris and Orchid – Diane Lyon

Above: "First Blooms of Spring" – Diane Lyon, "Iris and Orchid" – Diane Lyon


Delft Demitasse and Roses - Doug Runyan   Harmony Roses – Pamela Newell

Above: "Delft Demitasse and Roses" - Doug Runyan, "Harmony Roses" – Pamela Newell

"Evening Walk" by Rick Wilson   "Chiaroscuro" by Rick Wilson

Above: "Evening Walk" by Rick Wilson, "Chiaroscuro" by Rick Wilson


2013/14 Holiday Show

December 7th thru January 11th, 2014


Round the Bend by David Tutwiler

Above: "Round the Bend" by David Tutwiler


C. W. Mundy: American Impressionist
Exhibition: November 1 - 30, 2013

Artist Reception:
Saturday, November 16; 5-10 p.m. (Artist Talk: 7 p.m.)


Pleasant Valley by C. W. Mundy


Castle Gallery Fine Art Presents the "2013 Fall Show"

Fort Wayne Castle Gallery fall art show   2013 Fall show at Fort Wayne Castle Gallery



Castle Gallery Fine Art Presents the "Fred Doloresco: Recent Works"

Gallery Reception: Friday, October 4, 2013; 5 - 9pm
Artist Talk: 7:30pm • Music by Mark Meussling

Fred Doloresco's "Bashful Flowers"

Above: Fred Doloresco's "Bashful Flowers", Oil on canvas.


Castle Gallery Fine Art "Summer Show"

New Summer Gallery Hours:  Wednesday - Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.; or by appointment

Line' Tutwiler's "Gardens at the Grizwald Museum"Patric Sullivan’s “Long Boat”


Castle Gallery Fine Art "Tiempo de Primavera"

March 19 - April 27, 2013


It's Springtime at Castle Gallery Fine Art!  Featuring fresh works celebrating the season of rejuvenation, from America to Italy, by artists that you love from A to Z!!!  Such as:  Andrea Bojrab, Fred Doloresco, Robert Eberle, Carolyn Fehsenfeld, Beth Forst, Randall Scott Harden, Jody Hemphill Smith, etc.  Introducing to Castle Gallery:  Cyndy Callog, Tim Johnson, David and Line' Tutwiler.

Regular Gallery Hours:  Wednesday - Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.; or by appointment

Clockwise shown below: "Seborga, Italy" by Tim Johnson; "Sunspot on the Farm" by Line' Tutwiler; "Poppies Landscape" and "Outdoor Cafe' - Italy" by Randall Scott Harden; "Magellan" by Beth Forst


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